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Ex Demo A3 TS

EX Demo / Sale unit
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Ex Demo Unit
Ex Demo Sales unit, as new with all the tools and case. Less than 200 splices made. Manufactures warranty as production label >2 years.


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New Portable BY A6S Optical Fibre Fusion Splicer.

Brief info.

  • Small in size.
  • Light in weight.
  • 7 Seconds fast splicing, 9 seconds protector heater.
  • 300 - 360 splice and heating per battery charge.
  • 100% automatic fibre detection and splicing.
  • Average splice loss 0.02dB (MM) 0.04dB (SM)
  • PAS fibre core alignment technology.
  • CMOS image sensor technology.
  • Hard carry case also your work platform.
  • Saves picture and splice date for audit.
  • Large 5.25ins LCD Colour screen
  • saves picture of splice


  • Standard Package.
  • Optical fibre fusion splicer.
  • Power Adapter.
  • AC power Lin
  • Electrodes.
  • Cooler Clip.                                                  
  • Stripper.
  • Miller Pincers.
  • Blowing Dust Ball with Brush .
  • Specification.                                              
  • Fibre Cleaver.                                       
  • Carrying case