Eloik ALK-88

ALK-88 Fusion Splicer

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When purchased get on site training day at a location of your choice for 4 people  "Free of Charge" Get trained by the UK Eloik distributor and also get 3 years warranty.

The Professionals Choice.

Brief Introduction.

  • Small in size.
  • Light in weight.
  • 7 seconds fast splicing, 14 seconds arc heating.
  • 200 to 260 times splicing and heating per battery charge.
  • 100% automatic fibre detection and splicing start.
  • Average splicing loss 0.02dB(SM) 0.01dB(MM) 0.04dB(DS) 0.04dB(NZDS).
  • PAS fibre core alignment technology, PAS (profile alignment system) for precise core-to-core fibre alignment for consistent low splice loss and accurate loss estimation regardless of fibre type or quality.
  • CMOS image sensor imaging technology.
  • Carrying case, also your work platform.
  • Comes with interchangeable fibre clamps for 900um, 250um & universal.
  • 4.3ins LCD colour screen.


  • Standard Package.
  • Optical fibre fusion splicer.
  • Power Adapter.
  • UK AC power Cable
  • Car power charge lead
  • Electrodes.
  • Cooler Clip.                                                  
  • Stripper.
  • Miller Pincers.
  • Blowing Dust Ball with Brush .
  • Specification.                                              
  • Fibre Clamp.
  • Fibre Cleaver.                                       
  • Carrying Bag. 

Configuration Check-list Table.               

Warranty  and After-sale Service from UK.

Lifetime Warranty (Excluding contrived damageable or misuse) and battery. 

Any product will be tested in 100% before delivery.

Interesting fact (Oct 2020) :- we have just had a ALK-88 unit in for service with over 5300 splices on the log, date of purchase Dec 2017. First time its been in for service, only fault was the heater unit required replacement, repair, service and parts all under warranty.

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12v/24v Car Charger Lead

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Car Battery Charger Lead to fit Eloik Fusion Splicers.