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Pre Terminated cables

The pre terminated cable offer many advantages :

  • - Optimized values thanks to the assembly and the measure in factory.
  • - Saving time during the installation by avoiding any need of tools for the connectors assembly.

Completely compatible with your installation, these cables are pre terminated according to your specifications on any type of cable and on any type of fibre.

They are available with assembly note and reflectometric curves (in option).

There are many ways of protecting the endings :

  • - Simple protection (braided sleeving).
  • - Standard protection (simple protection + spiral reinforcement sheath).
  • - High standard protection (standard protection + pulling system).

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Pre-Terminated Fibre Optic Underground

Phone for price with your requirements.

Armoured cable is suitable for direct burial installations, making it the perfect solution for the most demanding and harsh environments.

Underground cable installation can be buried directly underground or placed into a buried duct.

Twin Fibre core terminated with FC/PC Plugs at each end. Also available with termination at one end only. After installation field plugs can then be fitted.

Cable Pulling Sock

  • Material - high tensile galvanised steel wire
  • Larger sizes and special Triplex cable stockings are also available
  • The stocking (sock) is connected at the end of the cable and can be used for cable pulling or supporting
  • Also available in stainless steel wire or Kevlar
  • Ideal method for supporting cables prior to cleating
  • When installing cables, cable stockings (socks) are an invaluable piece of equipment and should always be used
  • Can be used for pulling through ducting too
  • Re-usable tool
  • Usually used to pull medium to heavy cabling
  • The double-eye design allows the cable you're pulling to be passed through the stocking so that the pull can be made at a variety of points down the cable.
  • Break Tonne 0.75
  • Cable size 6mm- 13mm