One of the main advantages of fibre-optic solutions is the complete immunity to ground loops, surges and spikes. This often overlooked fact may be in many situations the most important one. SMATV & IRS systems, due to antennas located on roofs of buildings, are particularly vulnerable to surges resulting from lightning. Despite proper grounding of all system components, some of the equipment of traditional SMATV  & IRS systems can be irreversibly damaged. Notably, overvoltages can destroy not only the SMATV  & IRS equipment, but in extreme cases also some user devices, such as satellite receivers or televisions. In contrast, fibre optic cable is a perfect insulator. This means that all the surges induced in antennas installed on a roof will not cross the optical transmitter - all other components of the system as well as user devices are fully protected.



Ultra High Frequency 100 - 5000MHz Custom Made Interconnect Cable.

 Attenuation @ 20deg C,  

  • Global Cable 1296Mhz,   8.41dB/100ft
  • Ultraflex 10    1296MHz,   5.0dB/100ft  10mm o/d Min Bend 40mm
  • Ultraflex 13    1296MHz,   3.57dB/100ft  13mm o/d Min Bend 80mm

Ideal as a replacement for the Global ODU32 Interconnect Lead. If you are experiencing Channel and Transponders drop out, poor MER & C/N levels, this cable will certainly help.

Over the last months since the transponder changes on Astra 28 and the new SKY Q service, we have and other installers have been experiencing random channel problems. We have been looking in to this problem, many installers have had various thoughts on the reasons behind this. We have found that in most cases changing the HF interlink cable rectify the problem but not in all cases.

We now are able to offer a Ultra High Spec Coax interconnect cable which in most cases will rectify the ongoing problems and actually can increase MER and C/N levels.  

This cable is fitted with High quality soldered "N" Connectors (not crimped) and uses a Ultra high Spec Coax cable giving a screening efficiency of >105 dB. and a >4db attenuation at 6000 Mhz over the standard Coax. This leads to an excellent immunity against interferences.

In order to achieve such top level screen efficiency values. the manufactures use a 24 spool braiding machine; that means 50% more crossovers compared to tradition 16 spool braiding.  

The following pictures were taken from a system with problems with Low Hoz 110084Mhz on Astra 28. Before and after.


Before Signals.

With Ultra High Freq Cable.