Eloik ALK-A3

New to the Eloik Fusion Splicer range.

Eloik Smart Machine ALK-A3 German Technology Splicing Machine fast splicing Automatic Intelligent Splicer.

When purchased get on site training day at a location of your choice for 4 people  "Free of Charge" Get trained by the UK Eloik distributor and fibre installer (restrictions apply), also get 3 years warranty.




Free OPM
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Units in stock.

  • Now with smaller travel case.
  • Typical use with a 5200 mAh battery 300 > splice with heater.
  • Choice of base colours, Rose, Gold or Silver / Blue.
  • The 6 motor unit will recognize fibre and align faster. Useful if you are dealing with unknown fibres. (ALK-A3+)
  • Touch Screen on all units.
  • Some options may not be in stock (please phone or email).
  • Core Alignment Fusion Splicer with Cleaver and tool kit in a carry case.
  • One of the best Fusion Splicers we have ever seen. Why pay £3000 + ?.
  • Be one of the first to get this latest Fusion Splicer first to get this latest Fusion Splicer from Eloik.
  • Units in stock..
  • UK Service and after sales support, UK telephone support.
  • 3 Years warranty, 1 year on the battery.

Eloik ALK-A3+ 6 Motor Fusion Splicer with Touch Screen, The A3+ composed of 2 driving motors, 2 aligning motors and 2 focusing motors, 4 motor splicer has only 2 driving motors and 2 aligning motors. The extra 2 focusing motors are installed on the optical lens, the motors will change the distance between the fibre and lens to make different image focusing.

Once the fibre is placed, the motor will drive the lens closer or further away from the fibre so the fibre image will be displayed differently on the monitor, the software will process the image and auto ID the fibre type, for instance , users put SM fibre on the left holder of splicer, MM fibre on the right holder, after closing the cover , the auto focusing kicks in , based the reflection ratio the pre-set software will identifier the fibre type, splicer will give the warning that there are 2 different fibre about to make a fusion , then the users will understand may be they are putting the wrong fibre, so they can change the fibre to SM-SM or MM-MM, it definitely helps the beginners to do the right fusion.

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Download Used Manual.

ALK-A3 with a ALK 3000A Mini OTDR

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This Combo is a ALK-A3 Fusion Splicer plus a ALK-3000A Mini OTDR.

Eloik ALK A3 TS compleat with carry case and all the tools to get you started with your first fusion splice.

Eloik ALK-3000A Mini FTTH OTDR. Carry out tests on you fibre system, finding cable faults or just checking the proformance, this OTDR is made for small systems up to 5km.

12v/24v Car Charger Lead

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Car Battery Charger Lead to fit Eloik Fusion Splicers.