Lockable Fibre Wall Box

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FC, LC, SC Fibre Wall Enclosures
Slim line wall mount break out boxes made from high grade mild steel with two compartments divided into one third & two thirds. Supplied without couplers. * MTRJ enclosures will also accept FC, SC simplex couplers. * 4 wall mount fixing cut outs. * 2 x 20mm gland cut outs for cable entry on mini single door enclosures * 4 x 20mm cable entry cut outs on midi & maxi two door enclosures. * 2 x 20mm "U" cut outs for cable exit. * Dimensions (single door mini): Outer: 270h x 230w x 54d (mm) * Dimensions (double door midi): Outer: 360h x 290w x 80d (mm) * Dimensions (double door maxi): Outer: 360h x 355w x 80d (mm)

Note:- box will take up to 4 plates, can be mixed. Items need to be ordered individually. You will need to also order the adaptors to fit the panels. ( see connectors & adaptors). 

ie. Box, plates.