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FOA iPad Apps.

FOA lossCalc estimates the optical loss of a fibre optic link. This will save time for the install needing to know whether test results are reasonable and/or make a "pass/fail" determination. It can also help designer of a link to determine if communications equipment will operate over this link.

By choosing the type of link (single or multimode) and specifying the length of the fibre and numbers of connections ans splices, it will calculate the end to end loss of the link. The App has default specifications for singlemode and multimode links or may create custom setups with specifications appropriate for any application.

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TC-37B Mini Optical Power Meter

The TC-37B Mini Optical Power Meter has compact structure ans stable performance and ensures high measuring precision of 850um, 1310um, 1490um, 1550um and 1625um wavelengths. Together with an optical Source, it could measure the loss cable and other passive optical devices.

Main Features.

  • Imported sensor head
  • Low power consumption, continuous work more than 100 hours
  • Linear optical power and logarithmic power display
  • Automatic measuring range adjustment and power remains indication
  • -50 ~ +26dBm range

Optical Power Meter: FBT-OPM1

Used with a light source to determine losses in an optical fibre connection

Size: 190mm x 100mm x 48mm
Sensitivity; -70 ~ +3dBw 
Output Wavelength(s); 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550nm (all modes)
Connector; SC (2.5mm ferrule),
LC (1.5mm ferrule) (with supplied adapter).
Power source; 3 x AA cell battery.

EgoMail Fibre Optic Power Meter

AUA-80A.- Egomall Fiber Optic Cable Tester -70 to +10dbm and 1mw , Portable Optical Power Meter with SC and FC Connector Fibre Tester, Batteries Included

Product Features

  • The latest AUA-80A ultra thin light power meter red light source. Test precision, fine workmanship, easy to carry, completely replace the optical power meter and red pen 2 products. This price is equipped with 5 kilometers red light source.
  • Light power red light source one machine function: can measure 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm and other 7 wavelength of the optical absolute power, test range: -70dBm~+10dBm;
  • 1MW red light source can cover distance to about 5 kilometers.
  •  Completely replace the optical power meter and red pen 2pcs products.
  • Can work for 40 hours with automatic shutdown
  • Linear and non-linear with same display screen,alternatively steady / strobe red light source.

Product Description


Model: AUA-80A 
Calibration Wavelength(nm): 800~1700 
Detector type: InGaAs 
Measurement Range(dBm): -70,+10dBm 
linearity (dB): 0.01 
Display resolution(dB): 0.01 
Wave ID nm: 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550,1625 
Connector: FC/SC/ Interchangeable 
Alkaline battery 
Power Adapter(V): 8.4 
Battery Operating time (h): 240 without backlight 
Operation Temperature(oC): -10(oC) +60 
Storage Temperature(oC): -25(oC)+70 
Dimension(mm): 18*8.2*2.8CM 
Weight(g): 230 

Package included: 
1x All-IN-ONE Fiber optical power meter 
1x Canvas bag 
2x AA batteries 
1x User Manual 
1x Conversion head 

AE Series Mini Optical Power / Source Meters

Fibre Optical Solutions from DEVISER Instruments

Both units in stock

AE100 Series Mini Optical Power / Source  Meters.

The AE100 series of optical power meters and power source are perfect for installation and verification of fibre optic network.

These units fit all test locations,enabling users to run optical loss tests, which is a basic test requirement and turn-up and maintenance of optical networks including FTTH networks.

Key Benefits:-

  • installation and maintenance of optical networks, including CATV, FTTx, Data Networks.
  • Rugged pocket-size design is built to endure field operations.
  • Long battery life,
  • Auto shut down and auto calibration.
  • LED Back light.



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Fibre Optic 400x Inspection Microscope

Special Purchase Discount


Handheld and lightweight microscope available in 400x magnifications. Light passes through the objective lens and adapter tip, striking the ferrule perpendicular to the end face, producing a high level of resolution and excellent detail of scratches and contamination.

White LED illumination provides 100,000 hours life
A third of the cost of industry standard microscopes
Perfect vision of ferrules
Handheld & lightweight
Momentary on/off switch for light source
Fine focus control wheel

Accepts ST, SC and FC connectors
Robust construction
Built-in IR filter

Takes 3 x AAA batteries (included)

Fibre Optical Connector Square SC Bare Fibre Optic Adapter

Bare fibre adapter is a very efficient media to connect bare fibre to fibre optic device, it usually used in installation to test links. One side of the bare fibre adapter is the bare fibre, the other side is the fibre optic connector to plug into equipment. 




Insertion Loss Typical: ≤0.2dB;

Return Loss: ≥50dB;

Exchangeable: ≤0.2dB;

Repeatability: ≤0.2dB;

Durability: >1000 times;

Operating Temperature: -40~+80C

Storage Temperature: -45~85C




Testing equipment

Communication system

Telecommunication networks

Temporarily connect bare fibre

1x SC Bare Fibre Adapter