FiberRoad Splice Tray System

The FibeRoad system can be used in Fiber Boxes, Fiber Distribution Hubs - FDHs or Data Cabinets. It supports all types of fiber optic networks and helps create all configurations of fiber distribution and direct termination of connectors. It is ideal for GPON.

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  • Possibility of cascade solution for saving place
  • Compatible to trays KM 4 (24 splices), KM 5 (12 SC), KM 6 mini (24 splices)
  • Possibility to mix different trays in one box
  • Modular capacity increasing by segments 
  • Patching solution in the stacking system 
  • Possibility of placing the splitters away from trays
  • Space for the placement of unused fibers
  • Compatible to fibers in secondary sheath (0,9 mm)

FiberRoad BASE KM P 495529

Main Base unit, only square lower plate, picture shows base with 4 Holders which can be mounted flat or at 45 deg depending of the tray configuration.

FiberRoad HOLDER KM 495530

Tray Supports, 1 required for every tray

FiberRoad SUPPORT STOCK 495785

Used to hold trays at 45 deg if main base is put flat. 2 required.

KM4 SPLICE TRAY 85AV.04/0000

  •  Placement of up to 24 splices 
  • Without the need to measure the fibers before splicing 
  • Placement the splices away from the fibers 
  • Possibility to unwind incoming directions separately 
  • Possibility to place a splitter 
  • Possibility of placing fibers in 0.9 mm sheath (pigtail) 
  • Possibility of ribbon fibers 
  • Hingeable and stackable on mandrel


KM5 Tray unit.

  • Placement of up to 24 splices 
  • Placement of 12 SC simplex or 12 LC duplex adapters
  •  Place for pigtails and fibers reserves in the lower part
  •   Screw-free/Fast system of adapter mounting
  •  Patchcords cover
  •  Channels for patchcord routing
  •  Possibility to place a splitter 
  •  Possibility of placing fibers in 0.9 mm sheath (pigtail) 
  •  Possibility of ribbon fibers 
  •  Hingeable and stackable with help of connecting pieces
Note:- No adaptors supplied with this unit, order from Connectors & Adaptors in menu.

MDB FA 144/192/288S

Optical distribution box MDB FA 144/192/288S is designed for the placement of 144/192/288 optical splices indoors and outdoor. The distribution box can be extended by a pole holder. A very suitable solution for spliced GPON networks
  • Maximum capacity of 144/192/288 splices
  • Cable rings
  • Placement of a large slack inside the cable management
  • Removable splicing part
  • FibeRoad system
  • Modular capacity increase
  • Possibility of placing PLC splitters inside the management (outside the trays)
  • Possibility KM 4 trays or KM 6 trays for 24 splices
  • Possibility of using ribbon fibers

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MDB FA 24/48

Optical distribution box MDB FA 24/48, 48/96, 72/144 is designed for the termination of 24/48/72 fibers to SC connectors or 48/96/144 fibers to LC connectors indoors and outdoors. The distribution box can be enhanced by the pole holder and it can store large cable/patchcords reserves.
  • Maximum capacity 24/48/72 SC or  48/96/144 LC
  • Ranging rings
  • Possibility of storing large cable/patchcord reserves inside the distribution box
  • Removable splicing/patching part
  • FibeRoad system
  • Possibility of modular increasing of the capacity 
  • Possibility of placing PLC splittera in the management section (outside the tray)
  • Possibility to combine trays KM 4, KM 5, KM 6
  • Trays KM 4 and KM 6 for 24 splices
  • Tray KM 5 for 12 SC or 24 LC connectors
  • Hinging KM 5 tray for a better handling
  • Possibility of ribbon fibers

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