OTB-036 is a fibre optic terminal box that is suitable for optical fibre splicing, distribution and protection. It is designed for fibre arrangement of splice trays, splitters and connectors.


  •  Material: ABS plastic 3pcs fibre optic splice trays, each 12 fibres; 36 fibers (Max.can load 4pcs tray for 48 fibre splicing)
  • Can load 18pcs SC simplex adapter
  • Can load 2pcs 1:8 PLC splitter or 1pc PLC 1:16 steel tube type splitter
  • 2pcs Φ15mm entry cable ports;2pcs Φ18mm entry cable ports & 16pcs 2*3mm drop cable ports
  • Wall mounting and pole mounting application
  • Waterproof, outdoor using, IP65


  •  KOCOTB36 36 fibres
  • 232x358.5x130.5mm
  • Max. 18pcs SC simplex adapters


  • FTTH access network.
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • CATV Networks
  • Data communications Networks