SQS - Satellite Quadrant Stacking

The SQS takes up to 4 x 1GHz Satellite frequencies broadcast from standard DBS Satellites, it then stacks and converts these frequencies ready for outputting in an optical format via two lasers combined running at 1550nm & 1530nm.

As the system does not rely on the signal frequency plan from any particular satellite it can easily accept signals from multiple satellites. Choose any 1GHz (950-2150MHz) frequency range from any satellite and input in to the SQS Stacker.

Note:- Input one of the SQS Stacker the installer has the ability to diplex DTT/DAB & FM signals to the incoming satellite IF Frequency (1GHz 950- 2150MHz) utilising a standard IF/UHF Diplexer, this then provides full FibresIRS including terrestrial signals throughout the system.

Using WDM technology the two optical wavelengths are combined and output via the optical FC/PC connector.Without any further amplification the SQS is capable of running 64 points over a 10Km Passive

Optical Network. At any of the 64 connected points a FibreSQS Quad or Quatro GTU can be located providing the terrestrial & satellite frequencies in either a Quatro (fixed frequency outputs) or Quad all 4 satellite & terrestrial frequencies presented on each of the 4 outputs.