Fibre IRS 2SAT

The 2SAT ODU16 combines two standard DBS satellite inputs (e.g. ASTRA 28° & Eutelsat 13°) with the available digital terrestrial services



As with the ODU32 the 2SAT operates at 1310nm, then utilising a WDM it combines signals at 1550nm providing the ODU with the ability to distribute both satellite services along with DTT-DAB & FM along a single fibre PON (passive optical network).

Unlike the ODU32 which has 32 outputs per optical connector, the 2SAT ODU16 outputs its optical signals via two FC/PC connectors providing a maximum capacity of 2 x 16 = 32 optical points  spread over a 1km radius.

2SAT Gateway Termination Units

The combined signals arrive the 2SAT GTU from the PON (Passive Optical Network) and are routed straight into a WDM which separates the two satellites optically and diverts the 1310nm & 1550nm to two Standard GTUs

Each GTU now converts its assigned optical wavelength back to the original electrical RF/Satellite signals provided by the two dishes and aerial array.

There are both Quad and Quatro 2SAT GTU's available, the Quatro has 9 outputs, eight presenting the 4 Satellite frequencies from both input satellites and one presenting the DTTDAB-FM from the aerials via the DTT Processor (recommended).

The Quad 2SAT GTU has one extra feature built in, it has a DiSEqC switching unit which combines the two GTU's. This enables any DiSEqC satellite receiver connected to one of the first 4 outputs to switch between GTU's (and so satellites). Terrestrial

DTT-DAB-FM can be taken from the 5th and last out